copyright 2007
Chase Adams

Finity Flight II

Four seperate games produced in under two months. This was the prototype and inspiration for MirthKit's developer API.

Sky Fire

Fly a futuristic aircraft at lightning fast speeds thousands of feet above an alien planet through 3D floating cities.

Grow A Seed

Grow a seed to block the wind! Use two energy balls to grow your shrub to your specification while at the same time not being blown over by the wind.

Controls are on the next page.

Finity Flight

Fly a mission as earth's last defense against countless foes. Try to last as long as you can by picking up health and weapon power-ups as the number of foes steadily increases. Make sure to start on easy mode.

W, A, D, and S control thrust. The mouse cursor controls heading. The left mouse button fires.


Try to get the lowest score possible while breaking all the blocks. Score is accumulated through time and by picking up special "slow" power-ups and by letting the ball hit the bottom wall. Time is deducted by picking up purple "speed" power-ups, green "tracker" power-ups, and blue extra-balls. Try beating the score 6322.

Left and right arrows control the paddle.


Like the original, except play into the screen with a 3D layout made with GDI. The grey balls are the projection of the center red or green ball (which changes based on which paddle last deflected the ball) onto the side walls.

Use W, A, D, and S to control the paddle.